Scrub Style

It’s Friday! The weekend is here (finally!!)!! Today I thought I’d share my ideas for making my everyday work attire a little more stylish and fun. I am fortunate to be able to wear such a simple and easy outfit every day. However, the scrubs can sometimes make you feel a little sloppy and not as put together day in and day out.

For all the nurses, docs, hygienists, pharmacists, and other scrub wearers out there–>

7 Ways to Spice up Scrubs:

1. Pick a more polished looking scrub set


The styles of scrubs have evolved over the years. They don’t have to be baggy, boxy, boring styles anymore. The brands that I’m drawn to are Grey’s Anatomy and Urbane. The Grey’s Anatomy scrubs have more fitted scrub tops and pants, professional colors, and an overall look more feminine.

2. Undershirts


For me, undershirts are not only a way to keep my body protected from spit and other nastiness that flies around me on a daily basis (one of the downfalls of the dental field), but they are also a way to spice up my outfit. Bright colors, patterns, and different sleeve lengths helps to add some style and variation to my daily uniform and creates fun and different ways to mix-up the look throughout the week.

3. Jewelry


Kate Spade Bracelet
Ann Taylor Earrings
Anthropologie Earrings
Kate Spade Earrings

I always try and pick cute earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to make my outfit more fun and feminine.

4. Watches

photo (1)

A necessity for keeping time and staying on schedule, but also a cute way to add a little flare to an outfit. I have an obsession with watches. There are so many stores that carry inexpensive brands of watches so I am able to have a little collection that I can change out to better coordinate with the different scrub and undershirt colors. I have found some really great watches at Nordstrom Junior Dept, Charming Charlie, Francesca’s, and one of my Franklin, TN, faves Shoppes on Main.

5. Socks


Thank you good ‘ole Tar-jay! They have an amazing assortment of sock choices. You can also really get into different holiday themes with the socks. Have you ever wondered who in the world is purchasing the crazy themed socks that you see displayed around every major holiday at Target? Simple answer…Me 🙂

6. Shoes


Toms Shoes Shown in Above Pic

Scrubs don’t always have to be worn with sneakers! I usually am sporting a colorful pair of Toms, cute Minnetonka moccasins, a pair of Uggs in the winter, or a comfy pair of JCrew flats.

7. Headbands


These are great in my line of work! They not only keep hair out of your face but they also add a fun accent to the boring ponytail that I am always sporting when I am working on a patient. I have found cute headbands at Jcrew, Ann Taylor Loft, Target, and of course one of my favorites! The Sweaty Bands are also my must-have when I’m running! They pull your hair back and out of your face and then never slip!

Here’s a shot of me today:

photo 2 (1)

Outfit Deets:
Scrubs: Grey’s Anatomy
Undershirt: JCrew (no longer available but I’m loving this …)
Shoes: JCrew (also oldies…but you could try these or even these)

I hope you all enjoy these tips! Do any of you wear scrubs every day to work? What do you do to keep your look feminine and put together?

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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