One pot Taco soup

Here is an easy fall/winter recipe that is always a big hit in my house. I love it because not only is it easy to make, it’s also healthy and most important…. It’s delicious! It also makes a ton of food and freezes well.

Here is the recipe I follow:

1 lb ground turkey ( you can use ground beef if you choose but that will increase the fat and calories)
1 package taco seasoning
1 package hidden valley ranch dressing mix
2 cans ranch style beans
2 cans shoepeg corn
2 cans roetel
One onion diced (I like to buy the frozen onion that is already chopped, it is super easy and really cuts down on prep time)

1) In a large pot add diced onion and ground turkey and cook until turkey is done and then drain .


meat in pot

2) Next, add to the pot all the other ingredients (you don’t even have to drain your canned goods!) (I told you this was super easy) bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 1 hour.

other ingredients

all in pot

Serving suggestions:

I like it top with chopped green onions, jalapeños, shredded cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips or Fritos.
One cup of taco soup (no toppings) is only 250 calories! It’s super filling and loaded with fiber and protein. I usually freeze half of the soup because it makes so much. Leftover are great when served over tortilla chips, for healthy nacho’s or over a baked potato.

taco soup done

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