Neutrogena hand cream- New version!!!

I have been using the neutrogena hand cream for several years now. I have tried more expensive hand creams by aveeno, clarins and soap and glory and I think this one works just as well.

This original version by Neutrogen is my favorite drugstore hand cream. You can find it virtually anywhere for around $5.99 It is super thick and you only have to use the smallest amount. It comes out clear/opaque and almost looks like a gel. It is super super thick and I promise that smallest amount will go a looong way. My tube of hand cream typically lasts me around a year. I don’t use it every day like I should and definitely find myself reaching for it more during the colder winter months when my skin is more dry.

Recently my sister shared with me that they came out with a new version that is lighter and more quick drying and perfect for daytime use (Thanks Stephanie :). So of course, I picked it up right away. This one comes out white like any other regular lotion, and does absorb quickly as the packaging claims. It is not as heavy or greasy as the original formula. In my opinion it is perfect for daytime use.

NeutrogenaFast Absorbing Hand Cream

I like to use the thicker hand cream at night and now I keep the fast absorbing one in my purse for use throughout the day. As a dentist, or anyone in the healthcare profession, our hands take a beating with the constant washing and glove wearing. Keep your hands moisturized and looking good by using a hand cream. What is your favorite hand cream?

Hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂

XOXO -Brittany

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