Hubby Christmas Wish List

My husband is the hardest person to shop for!  I never know what he wants and if he wants something he usually purchases it on his own (not ever waiting for an occasion).  I have been picking his brain on what he wants this Christmas and I thought I would share it here (in case you need some ideas for the man in your life!) as well as some things that he has really enjoyed from past Christmases.

You can never go wrong with electronics for guys!  They love anything tech related!

Apple iPad Air iPad-Air This is #1 on my husband’s wish list this year.  His bday actually falls right after Christmas in January, so it is a good option to serve as a dual present!

Playstation 4


This is such a great gift because it comes with other built-in gifts for the future!  Games, accessories, etc!  The only problem with this gift right now is actually getting a hold of a PS4.  They are sold out everywhere!

Ray Ban Sunnies (also appearing on my Christmas list this year!) raybs Sunglasses are always a good bet from my gift-giving experience!  They can be worn year round and are not something you typically splurge on.

Jambox by Jawbone

More electronics!  A few years ago my husband got this small speaker from my parents for Christmas.  Since then, the speakers just keep getting smaller and smaller with better sound quality.  We both have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of our Jambox!

Work out Gear
nike shorts

My husband has requested “work out shorts with pockets.”…..I don’t know if other guys prefer pockets or not, but my husband says that he needs the pocket when he goes to the gym to have a place to put his iPhone.  Not only does my husband enjoy getting workout clothes as a gift, but also I have found this to be a great gift for my dad!

Jayhawk (or other favorite team) Gear

This is always a safe bet when buying gifts for my husband.  He always needs new shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, etc to wear to Jayhawk events and I know he will always love getting these as gifts!

Jeans (or other clothes)


This is actually what I plan on getting my husband AND dad this year for Christmas.  This is something that they never go out and purchase on their own, and they will both get a lot of use out of a nice, stylish pair of jeans.

Up by Jawbone


This was a gift from last year that we purchased for each other.  I am a big fan of mine and am actually getting several Up bands for some other family members this Christmas.

Bose Quiet Comfort 20i Headphones

bose in ear

These headphones are the final item on my husband’s wish list this Christmas.  He is always listening to music/audio books at work and wants something that will be better sound quality than his Apple headphones.    Hopefully Santa will have these waiting under the tree on Christmas morning!

I hope this gives you some ideas for the men in your life!  Do you have trouble finding gifts for your husband/boyfriend/etc?  Let me know if you have any other great gift ideas!


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