New Workout Goals for 2014

Do any of you make New Years resolutions? ‘Tis the season for new goals!

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself to be a great runner, running expert, etc. However, I do run for health benefits, as a way to spend time with my mom and dad and one of my best friends, and to stay active. It has become one of my most favorite hobbies! I thought for the upcoming new year, I would share my running and training goals with you all on here.

1. Meet my 10,000 step goal 5/7 days each week.


I am an Up band enthusiast and plan on getting in the required steps each day as the new year rolls in. It is so hard in the winter when it is cold and dark out, but I plan on making the time to go to the gym even if it’s for a short run or walk.

2. Drink smoothies at lunch


I have been off my smoothie kick and eating out way too frequently during the work week. I make the Body by Vi smoothie for a healthy lunch option. Here’s the recipe:

2 Scoops of Body by Vi Powder
1 cup of frozen fruit—I usually use strawberries, mangos, or a combination of mixed berries
1 banana
1/2 cup Sugar free Vanilla flavored Almond milk

I blend this concoction together in my Magic Bullet.

3. Do weights, cross training, and ab exercises at least 2-3 times each week

Right now, I find way more time to do cardio and have been skipping the important strength training, stretching, abs, etc.

4. Strictly follow a running training schedule


Each 1/2 marathon I do, I always find the time to make my long runs each week but sometimes get sloppy with the shorter mid week and speed training runs. I am going to stick to an actual schedule for the half marathon that I am signed up for in Nashville.

5. Smile more and have fun doing above said goals


I need to make sure I keep a positive attitude and have a better overall outlook on all of this. Sometimes I get so caught up in looking forward to the weekend that I end up wishing the work week away. I know I am so fortunate to be healthy and physically able to run at all and I am going to enjoy the training process more!

I hope sharing this on here will help me actually follow through with all of this! I have been working on these goals for a few weeks and already feel much better! What are your New Years resolutions?


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