The Wolf of Wall Street

I hope you all have had a great weekend! I am looking forward to a short work week this week! I had the opportunity to see The Wolf of Wallstreet with Leonardo DiCaprio over my holiday vacay.

I went to the movie with my husband and his family. I got a snapshot of my outfit before we headed out the door. Here’s what I wore:

Outfit details:
Jegs: Citizens
TShirt: JCrew
Vest: JCrew (this vest was waiting for me under the tree!)
Boots: Frye
Accessories: JCrew statement necklace and Kate Spade watch

Movie Review:
*****5 Glitters *****

There were mixed reviews from the group I went to the movie with. My husband and I both enjoyed it and thought the acting was excellent, there was great character development, and the script was well-written. I think this movie is not for everyone though. It is incredibly graffic, gritty, and had a lot of drugs, sex, violence, etc. in it. If that kind of stuff is hard for you to watch I would maybe skip this one. I do think this movie will win some awards this season and Leonardo DiCaprio never disappoints me!

I hope you guys have a great week!


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