Tone It Up- Love your body fitness challenge

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I want to get back into a solid fitness routine and that is something I really want to make a priority in 2014. I am always trying new workout’s and reading the latest nutrition and diet books. I love it! Since I moved to Jackson and have been living in a small apartment I started to look for something that I could do at home with very little equiptment. I was doing some Tracy Anderson DVD’s and was getting bored with them.

Not sure how I discovered the Tone It up girls but I found their web site about a year ago. They post workout videos and recipes and they even have an app where you can get a daily work out. They also developed their own nutrition plan that is full of recipies and diet tips and tricks. Once you purchase their nutrition plan you become a lifetime member and have access to exclusive members only emails and updates to the nutrition plan. They came out with a holiday plan recently and as a member I got an email sent to me with the new holiday plan full of new recipies and ways to survive the holidays.

These girls have become so popular!!! I just found out they have their own show now on Bravo that is set to debut this Thursday Jan 2. I can’t say enough good things about the Tone it up products. You have access to tons of free resources on their website and you can also get lots of their workouts on you tube.


The tone it up girls are launching a 6 week Love your body fitness challenge starting January 1st. This will include weekly workout plans, nutrition tips and challenges to love your body by Valentines Day. I definitely plan to follow along with thier Love your body series and kicked off the first day yesterday with the HIIT workout from their first DVD. I love how their weekly workout plans give me structure. And its free!!!

Hope you all check out Tone it up and find that you love it as much as I do. These girls are very positive and inspriational and really make the workouts fun.

In keeping with my no buy for January my goal is to complete the 6 week fitness challenge and reward myself with some goodies when I complete it. That should help motivate me.

Happy 2014!

XOXO -Brittany

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