Loving LUSH

While I was back in KC over my break, I had a chance to shop at my fave bath product store! I love to take a bath after my long run on the weekends so I needed to stock up on bath bombs, melts, etc! Here are some of my favorite finds:

Twilight Bath Bomb

I always have to stock up on this bomb! It leaves your skin so soft with a subtle shimmer! It smells like lavender and vanilla and is just the sweetest most clean scent. I also love the deep purple color it creates in the tub!

Big Blue Bath Bomb

This is one if my favorite bath bombs. It has a fresh smell, leaves behind some seaweed in the tub, and turns the water a beautiful blue!

Dorothy Bubble Bar

Since I’m from Kansas, I love any nods to the Wizard of Oz! This made great bubbles, had the freshest orange blossom smell, and turned the water a beautiful blue! I highly recommend this bubble bar!

Silky Underwear Powder

I love a good Lush dusting powder! I use these in place of deodorant if I am not going to be working out or if I don’t expect to be in a sweaty situation. The nice thing about the powders is that they also leave a great scent and make your skin feel super soft! This one has a jasmine-y clean scent. It is really subtle and nice.

Melting Marshmallow Bath Melt


This bath melt has a sweet smell, dissolves and melts slowly in the bath, and leaves your skin feeling so soft! This is a great one to use if you are going to be taking a long relaxing bath as it takes some time for it to dissolve completely!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Do you guys have any favorites from LUSH?


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