Benefit Cosmetics Obsession

Is this the longest week ever? I feel as though I am asking myself that question more frequently…Winter is getting really long in the tooth! (Pun intended!) I am ready for some warmer weather and some more sunny days! On that note, I decided to try some new blush to hopefully uplift my spirits and provide my skin with a warm glow.

I am loving my recent blush purchase from Benefit Cosmetics.



The Dandelion blush is a very sheer illuminating blush that provides such a beautiful soft pink color. I like makeup that is more simple and subtle and this one is just perfect. It has a hint of shimmer that provides an added illuminating, warm glow to your face. The blush is also so sheer and lightweight that it can be lightly applied as a finishing powder. In addition to how it looks and feels on my skin, this blush also smells amazing!

I am very happy with my purchase and find this blush to be the perfect medicine for my dull, pale, wintery skin as I’m getting ready for work on these freezing cold January mornings!

I hope you guys are having an amazing week!


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