At home gel manicure


Instructions for this “at home gel manicure” are ALL over pinterest. I love the look of gel nails but hate spending the time to go get my nails done and really hate spending the money. I also get so frustrated when I paint my nails and they chip or smudge in less that 24 hours… So I figured I would give this a try. I watched several you tube videos and got the supplies I needed.
Here is what you will need to try this at home:
1. nail buff
2. alcohol wipe
3. gelous (this is the key to the manicure) You can buy yours at Sally Beauty Supply for around $6, I ordered mine from


4. nail color of your choice- I used Essie “smokin hot”

smoking hot

5. top coat of your choice- I used inm out the door


It took me 2 tries to get this right. The first time I followed the instructions that literally everyone posted on how to do this. Ill give you the abbreviated version of this…

First thing I did was buff my nails and then wiped them with an alcohol wipe to make sure they were nice and clean.

2 coats of gelous (wait 2 minutes after each)

1 coat nail polish (wait 4 minutes)

1 coat gelous (wait 2 minutes)

another coat of nail polish (wait 4 minutes)

top coat of your choice

I followed these directions EXACTLY. I even set a timer after each coat (I did lunges and squats while waiting between coats; a girl has got to multitask) And 2 hours later my nails STILL WEREN’T DRY!!!!!!!!!! And I can’t say that I am surprised, I mean its 6 coats of polish.

So I took all 6 layers off (poured a glass of wine) and started over again. This time I decided to change up things alittle bit. Here is what I did the second time and what seems to have worked so far.

2 THIN coats of gelous (waited 2 minutes after each)

1 coat of dark nail polish (if it were a lighter color I would have to have used 2 coats) waited 10 minutes

1 coat gelous (waited 2 minutes)

1 coat of inm top coat

Now this is still 5 coats of polish but it seemed to work better since it actually dried this time. I also was super careful to use THIN coats of polish. Here is the end result.:

mani I love how it looks and promise to let you guy know just how long it lasts. The main things I changed from the first to the second attempt were that I only did one coat of the nail polish color and I made sure to apply all layers super super thin.

Has anyone else tried this at home? Any tips for me?

Hope everyone is having a good week. Its almost Friday!!

XOXO -Brittany

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