New iphone case

Hi Friends 😉 My January no-buy has ended and I am trying not to go too crazy. I have been looking for a new iphone case for quite some time now. I had my heart set on something with gold. You guys might even remember, I had this gold chevron one on my Christmas wish list.

gold chevron

Another one I really like is this gold stripe one from Kate Spade.

gold stripe


After looking at all my options… I finally decided on this one from Rifle Pape Co. and I am so in love.


I ordered this from their website: and had it customized by ordering a pink insert instead of white.

Here is a pic of how the phone comes standard on their website.


This case also comes in a slim version that doesn’t have the soft insert if you are looking for something that style. Rifle paper co has an assortment of super cute iphone cases; if you haven’t checked out their website you definitely should. Here are some of the other options they have…


Hope everyone is having a good week. Mine just seems to be dragging on…

XOXO -Brittany

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