Lunch/dinner spot your not going to but should be….

Hi Friends, Sadly, this is the most exciting thing since I moved to Jackson in June 2013 …… Whole Foods finally opened!!!

whole foods

It officially opened February 4th and its kind of a big deal since its the first and only Whole Foods in Mississippi. I don’t do a ton of grocery shopping there (who can afford to?) but its such a great place to go for lunch or dinner. For those of you who didn’t realize it, Whole Foods has a huge hot foods bar as well as a giant salad bar. You can fill your plate with whatever assortment or mix of foods you like. They have tons of veggies, bbq, mac n cheese, fish, tofu….So many options! You can also get a slice of pizza or have one of their specialty sandwiches made at the deli counter. My hubby likes their chicken salad sandwhich. They also have great sushi! They use the freshest ingredients and even have quinoa and brown rice sushi which is healthier than traditional sushi with white rice. My go to choice is a slice of the pepperoni pizza. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all the options or short on time and I know the pizza is consistently good and one slice is usually just the right amount to fill me up (at lunch at least).

So the next time you cant decide where to go for lunch or dinner give Whole Foods a try for a healthy, casual meal. And dont forget a sweet treat 🙂 Pick up dessert from the bakery (I love their chocolate chip cookies and my hubby loves their chocolate croissants).

Hope everyone is having a great week!

XOXO -Brittany

2 thoughts on “Lunch/dinner spot your not going to but should be….

  1. Definitely! So funny, my mom & I went out to eat at Whole Foods the other night. It was the first time I ever actually sat down & ate in Whole Foods. We shared a slice of pizza and tried a bunch of other good stuff. Had no idea about the quinoa sushi, will definitely be trying that out. And chocolate croissant sounds amazing! Loved the hummus on the salad bar.


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