February birchbox

Happy Monday Friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am loving the warmer weather and I am so excited about the time change and having longer summer days. I am ready for the Spring/Summer!

February birchbox…  Here is what was inside.

february birch box

1.Caudalie S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue- full size $34.00


I am loving this eye cream. It is super gentle and almost has an oatmeal scent to it. I have the most sensitive skin and this has been totally non irritating.

2 & 3. Bain de Terre passion flower COLOR PRESERVING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER- full size $12.00/shampoo and $13.50/conditioner


I honestly have not tried these samples… they did come in a generous size (the same size you would buy a travel shampoo and conditioner in) so I decided to set these aside and save them for our beach trip in May. I thought they would be the perfect thing to pack. (I am such an OCD planner, I know)

4.Harney & Sons Wrapped Tea Satchets- $9.60/box which has 20 satchets


I am definitely over the tea samples in my birchbox. I do enjoy tea and initially I did like getting to try varieties of teas that I normally do not buy, however, it is not something I want to see in my birchbox every month and even though I do use the samples, it’s not as exciting to me as a beauty sample. Hopefully there won’t be any tea samples in March’s box (fingers crossed)

5.OPI Sheer Tints Color-Tinted Top Coat- $9.00 for full size bottle


Mine came in this dark blue shade and according to the directions you can wear this tinted topcoat by itself for a little color or over a nail polish for a different look. I tried this on my nails by itself and the blue made it look like I had hypothermia, not a good look. I am also not sure about putting blue polish over a different color. It is such a pain for me to paint my nails that I really don’t want to risk messing up the color by putting this on top of it. Overall, I don’t understand the reasoning behind a tinted topcoat….. if i wanted blue nails I would buy blue nail polish so I prefer my topcoat to be clear.

As I am sure you can tell, I was pretty disappointed by this months birchbox. It’s still a fun surprise to get in the mail and I look forward to seeing what is in March’s box.

XOXO -Brittany

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