Favorite nail polish color of all time

I am absolutely in love with this color… the brand is Butter London and the color is Goss. I have seen a ton of bloggers wearing this color over the past several weeks and fell in love with it before I even purchased it.


Here is how it looks on my nails:


Here is a quick reveiw of the polish…. This was my first time purchasing butter nail polish. My number one complaint is the price ($15.00). This is by far the most I have ever spent on a nail polish and the only reason I splurged is because I loved the color so much and could not find a comporable color in a cheaper brand. I also justified it by telling myself that it is still cheaper than getting a manicure and I can use the nail polish multiple times. (I promise I have a sickness and I can justify pretty much any purchase) The metallic rose gold is absolutely the most beautiful color, I can’t deny that. The polish appears to be of great quality and I only needed one coat to get the amazing color I was looking for. However, for some reason with the metallic nature of this polish, it really highlites any bumps, ridges or imperfections you have in your nail and mine have TONS. This nail polish color is not for you if you don’t have perfectly smooth nails. I even took the polish off and buffed my nails and re applied it to see if I could get a smoother look but it turned out the same. Overall the color is gorgeous and I think it would be flattering on all skin tones it is just not for someone that doesn’t have perfect nails. Sorry. My nails aren’t perfect but I am absolutey in love with the color so I still plan to use it again. Maybe next time I will try is on my toes (no one is staring at them close up like they are looking at your nails).

XOXO -Brittany

9 thoughts on “Favorite nail polish color of all time

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