New Elta MD Skin Care Routine

Hey Guys!  I hope you are all having a great week!  My husband just got back from a dermatology conference last week and he set me up with a great new lineup of skincare products to try out.  I am doing an all new routine with Elta MD products. 

Here’s the line up of goodies:



My morning routine is cleanser, am therapy, eye gel, and then make up (with SPF) on top and my night routine is cleanser, pm therapy, and then eye gel. Does this get any easier??

The cleanser is very gentle and foams up nicely. I don’t notice any strong smell with it and feel like it is gentle but still gets the job done.

I have so far been loving these products! The pumps are so nice for dispensing the perfect amount of product and the bottles are sleek and travel well. There is no noticeable fragrance and they have been extremely gentle on my sensitive skin. So far I have noticed my skin looking healthier and I have also noticed my dark circles becoming less noticeable. This is the 1st product that I have used for my under eye dark circles that has given me any noticeable improvement, so I am extremely pleased with it! I noticed it working within a few days!!

I hope you all give these a try!

Have a great week!


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