Follow up on Mario Badescu samples

It’s almost Friday….. Yay! I wanted to follow up on a post I did a few weeks ago about the free Mario Badescu samples since I have had a chance to use them. Out of the 7 samples; I have tried 4, love 3 and plan to purchase 3 of them after seeing how amazing they are. Ill talk a little bit about each of them:


1. Enzyme cleansing gel – This facial cleanser was great at removing makeup and left my skin feeling clean and hydrated. It is creamy and doesn’t foam up and I enjoyed the consistency of it. I found that the smell reminded me of dial hand soap and I was not particularly crazy about that aspect of it. Overall, a good product but I don’t think I will be purchasing.

enzyme cleansing gel

2. Cucumber cleansing lotion – This is a super gentle toner that left my skin squeaky clean but with no irritation or redness. Usually toners are too harsh for my skin and I look like a tomato after using them. That was not the case with the cucumber cleansing lotion and I definitely plan to purchase this.

cucumber cleansing lotion

3. Collagen Moisturizer spf 15 – This looks and feels like sunscreen to me. It is a creamy white lotion that is very runny. Overall I was not terribly impressed with this product and do not plan to purchase.

collagen moisturizer

4. Bee Pollen Night Cream – This stuff is freaking amazing!!!! By far my favorite product of all the samples. It has a light orange tint to the cream and it is SUPER thick and greasy feeling. It seriously feels like you are rubbing vaseline all over your face. The first time I used this I thought I would hate it but when I wake up in the morning my skin looks amazing. I have never used a product before and seen results so quickly. Normally when I wake up my skin is uneven and blotchy but since I have been using this, when I wake up my skin is super soft and even. LOVE! I can’t buy this product fast enough.

bee pollen night cream

5. Ceramide Herbal eye cream – This eye cream is very thick and creamy and I love how gentle it is around my eyes. It has a very mild scent and is completely non irritating on my sensitive skin so I definitely plan to purchase this too.

ceramide herbal eye cream

6. Orange Tonic Mask – I have not tried this one yet simply because the directions say to leave it on for 20 minutes and “aint nobody got time for that.”

orange tonic mask

7. Kiwi face scrub – I haven’t gotten around to trying this one probably becasue I thought it was another 20 minute mask until I started typing this post. Oops. Ill have to give this a try.

kiwi face scrub

Overall, I was really pleased with the samples and it was a great introduction for me to the Mario Badescu products. I can’t wait to order my favorites and try some more of their products. Hope you all have gotten some samples for yourself and I would love to hear what you think of yours and if you plan to purchase anything?

XOXO -Brittany

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