Rosie lips

I wanted to share a new beauty favorite of mine and a drugstore dupe for a high-end lip balm. I am always looking for good drug store versions of higher end products.

Buy this to save: Vaseline rosy lips $2.99 vaseline

Splurge: C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve $5.99 co bigelow

I have tried both products and can attest to how similar they are. They are both thick balms that have a faint pink tint to them. The C.O. Bigelow salve has more of a floral scent to it than the Vaseline version.They both are great multitaskers that can be used on your lips, on your dry cuticles or other areas of dry skin. I love both products and will definitely be repurchasing the vaseline rosy lips; I can’t tell enough of a difference to justify double the price of the C.O. Bigelow.

Since we are talking about rosie lips I thought I would go ahead and share another product with you guys.

Fresh Sugar lip gloss in Rose $22.50  fresh sugar

This is the VERY high end version of rose lip gloss. I love the lemony scent of the Fresh sugar lip products and this one is great if you don’t want to stick your fingers into something to get your lip gloss out. It is very convenient that it comes in a stick and not in a tin or pot. The packaging is a super nice, very sturdy metal in a gorgeous rose gold color and it comes with a lid that twists on and off. The other difference with this one is that the color is buildable, unlike the Vaseline or C.O. Bigelow rose balms. You can get almost a red color if you are heavy on the application of this. This definitely has much more pigment to it than the other two products. This one however, is not a multitasker like the other two products are. You can’t really use this on your cuticles or anywhere but your lips. Love this product for the luxurious packaging and for the convenience of it in a stick. Let me know what your favorite rose lip products are….

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It’s almost Friday…

XOXO -Brittany

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