10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner on May 11th. I am so proud of myself that I have already ordered my Mom’s gift (Mom, don’t worry there are no spoilers in this post). Here are a few suggestions for those of you who are having a hard time thinking of gift ideas or don’t have a ridiculous shopping problem like I do and enjoy any excuse for retail therapy.


mothers day

1. Magazine Subscription – Subscriptions are always a great gift because they are the gift that keeps on giving. Here are a few that would be safe bets for just about any Mom: Real Simple, HGTV Magazine, Southern Living, Better Homes and Garden or People Magazine.


2. Beauty Subscription – (I promise all the gift suggestions are not subscriptions) For those Mom’s that like beauty products and enjoy trying new things, a beauty subscription is the perfect gift. Glossybox, Beautybox and Birchbox are some of the most popular ones.

birchbox box

3. Spa certificate – A certificate for a massage or mani/pedi is the perfect way to pamper your Mom and show her how much you appreciate her.

mani pedi


4. Cook for your Mom – For those of us that live out of town, this one is not super feasable. However, if you live close to Mom a nice idea is to cook her dinner. Everyone enjoys a nice meal and what better way to show your Mom you appreciate her than to make her a nice dinner that she wont have to grocery shop for, cook or clean up. If your a terrible cook then you can always take your Mom out to dinner or brunch and she will love the chance to spend some quality time with you.

5. Perfume – If you know your Mom’s favorite scent then this is a safe bet. If your not sure then I would select another gift suggestion. Perfume tends to be very personal and hard to pick out for someone else.

6. Framed picture of you with your Mom – this is an inexpensive and thoughtful gift that any Mom will appreciate

Distressed frame from Francesca’s for $24.00


7. Cozy robe or pajamas– Cozy pajamas, a robe or slippers are something that any Mom will appreciate.

Nap robe from Brookstone for $69.99

This is the softest most luxurious robe. It feels amazing and is so cozy.

nap robe

8. iphone backup charger – a practical gift for the tec savy Mom that is always on her iPhone. This one is super cute with the little red hearts!

ban.do Back Me up Mobile Charger – Supercute Hearts from Swoozies for $30.00


ban.do back me up mobile charger

9. jewely – Pick out a fun statement necklace or cute earrings and your Mom will think about you every time she wears it.

Love these Agoura Jeweled Drop Earrings from Francesca’s for $18.00


agoura jeweled drop earrings

10. scarf – a pretty scarf is a great gift that will liven up any outfit and something that your Mom might not splurge on for herself.

Love this Ancaster Floral scarf from Francesca’s for $9.99

ancaster floral scarf

Hope this gave you some ideas for Mother’s Day and I want to wish my Mom and all the Mom’s a Happy Mothers Day!! XOXO -Brittany


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