Eye makeup remover

It’s finally Friday!! This week has been dragging on (like it always seems to do when I am on call). I wanted or share with everyone what I have been using lately to remove my eye makeup….. Coconut oil.


I have been reading on Pinterest about the many many uses of coconut oil but haven’t really jumped on the bandwagon. I bought some at trader joes and when I read that it works great as an eye makeup remover I thought I would finally give this stuff a try.

I love it!!!! It’s inexpensive, gentle, all natural and non irritating.
Here is how I use it:
-When you get it out of the jar it is in a solid form but if you rub it between your fingers your body heat will melt it to an oil in seconds.
-Then close your eye and gently rub over your lid and lashes, massaging into your lashes to break up any mascara.
– Next, I use a cotton ball or a tissue to wipe the oil off my lid and around my eyes before I open my eyes and then I wash my face like normal.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Let me know if you have any natural beauty products you have discovered. XOXO -Brittany

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