Weekly meal planning

Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! As I am getting ready for the week ahead and I like to plan my meals for the week. I usually make one meal to have for lunch for the week and one meal to have for dinner. I know this is boring but it saves me time throughout the week. I don’t mind eathing the same thing and since I am here by myself during the week it makes it really easy. I always have my kale smoothie for breakfast so that never changes. (I’ll be doing a post on green smoothies soon).

This week I thougth I would share with you my plan for lunch which is healthy hummus wraps. I got this recipe from pinterest and it is from the website sixsistersstuff.com. (If you haven’t gone to this website before, I definitely recommend checking it out. They have tons of healthy recipes.)



Healthy Hummus Wrap:

1 Tortilla(I love the flat out brand torillas. I am obsessed with them!!!!)flat outs
1 handfull of fresh baby spinach
2 Tablespoons of your favorite hummus ( I love the mediterranean hummus from Trader Joes)

mediterranean hummus
1 (15 oz) can of black beans, rinsed and drained (you are only going to use about 1/4 the can per wrap)
1/2 Avocado, diced

Lay out your tortilla and spread 2 Tablespoons of Hummus on it. Next spread you spinach on top of your hummus. Add some black beans (about 1/4 of a can) on top of your spinach. Then put your avocado on the very top. 

Fold the edges and roll the tortilla up. Cut in half and serve.

This isn’t something that I can make ahead for the entire week because it would get too soggy. I will however, do as much of the prep ahead of time. For example, I will have my black beans drained and rinsed and stored in a container so all I have to do each morning is assemble the wraps and I will be good to go.

Hope everyone has a great week! Please share if you have any wonderful lunch recipes. I am always struggling to find new healthy things to bring for lunch.

XOXO -Brittany



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