Father’s Day Gift Guide

The men in my life are so difficult to shop for!  I thought I would put together a little guide to share with you all some ideas that I had for my dad this year for Father’s Day.  If you have any other suggestions, I would love any input in the comments!

1. Fishing Day-Trip with Dad
This of course is a very stereotypical “Dad Gift,” but in my opinion, is always a winning idea.  The activity itself doesn’t have to take place over Father’s Day if distance or busy schedules are unable to accommodate. You could present your dad with some new fishing lures or a fishing pole and plan a day trip together at a local lake or pond.  I also love the idea of putting a bunch of junk food, new lures, fishing gear, etc, in a tackle box to tie the whole theme together.

2. New Sunnies
If you are looking for an actual “gift” instead of an activity, sunglasses are such a great go-to for any guy.  This is the one thing that both my husband and dad get really excited about.  My dad and hubby are partial to Ray-Bans.  Here are some that I have been eyeing for them:
Original Wayfarer Matte

Club Master Flash Lenses


3. Have a Cookout
Once again, this doesn’t have to take place on Father’s Day weekend, but you can plan to do this together.  Get your dad some new grilling tools, some spices, or even a new grill/smoker.

Here are some Jayhawk grill tools that I think would be such a perfect gift for my dad!

Williams-Sonoma also has some great options
This spice blend gift box from Savory Spice Shop would be perfect for this gift as well!

4. Wine Club Membership
Both of my parents enjoy a glass (or 2!) of wine while they are relaxing on the weekends.  This really would be the gift that keeps on giving as your dad will look forward to new bottles arriving throughout the year!  They have all different kinds of memberships available and even you are able to purchase individual bottles if a membership is too costly.

I hope this helped give you all some ideas!  Just putting this post together helped me sort out what I am going to get for my Dad!  I think the most important thing with a Father’s Day gift is to choose something that will allow you to spend time with your Dad.  That truly is the most important thing!  Let me know if you guys have any other ideas for me!  Have a great day!



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