Christmas shopping in August….

Christmas gift list

Every year when Christmas rolls around I make a list of all the people I have to shop for and gift ideas for each person. As organized as that sounds, it is still pretty chaotic when you wait til mid December to tackle that list. Every year I promise myself that I will start shopping earlier for the people on my list and gradually accumulate gifts so that when Christmas rolls around I will not be pressured to buy less than perfect gifts at the last minute and pay full price and the dreaded shipping fee for every single online order (because lets face it, all orders are online). I have been doing pretty good so far and taking advantage of some major sales that have been going on through out the summer. Nordstrom’s recently had their annual sale and I also got lots of coupon codes from various sites because it is my birthday this month. I know its only August but I encourage everyone to sit down and make their Christmas list now so when you see these good sales and good summer deals you can take advantage of them. This way we can all enjoy the holiday’s more and have less stress associated with them. Below are a few of my favorite sites to shop on. It’s a good idea to sign up for their email lists because you often get discount codes and free shipping codes emailed to you and you also get notified of their sales and new arrivals.

Favorite sites: (Free shipping and free returns always) (many items are much cheaper on amazon that other sites so always check amazon before you order something. A simple example is the blopro perfect shower cap that I have been wanting. It is $18.00 at Ulta only $9.99 on amazon.) This is a great site for gifts, stationery, seasonal items and monogrammed anything 🙂

Happy Shopping XOXO -Brittany

2 thoughts on “Christmas shopping in August….

  1. Yay! I am getting inspired! And so excited. Love the fall because that means Christmas is right around the corner. You are right, better to plan now so there is more time to enjoy Christmas decorations & egg nog 🙂


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