summer running faves

I hope you all had a great long weekend! Since Summer is winding down I thought I would share some of my favorite running items that kept me motivated throughout these hot months.

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1. Up 24 by Jawbone
My beloved mint Up band bit the dust early in the Summer, so I decided to give the latest technology a try. The Up 24 syncs with Bluetooth, comes in some more fun colors (hot pink!), and was extremely accurate after only 1 treadmill calibration. I love the new Up 24!

2. Saucony Ride 6
This has been my go to running shoe this Summer! I am completely obsessed with it and plan to try the Ride 7 when it is time to replace this pair. They are light weight, provide just enough support, and have a comfortable toe box that is not too large but allows your toes to have room to flex.

3. Sweaty Bands
I have been obsessed with these for a while now but they have honestly been a life saver all summer! They keep your hair back and do not slip out of place. I have really been loving the sparkle, bling headbands!

4. Nike Tempo Running Shorts
These are such a comfortable and affordable option for a running short. They have so many fun colors to choose from and are very light weight and easily wick away sweat–which has been perfect for the hot Summer months!

5. Jelly Belly Sport Beans
These energy beans got me through many tough runs when I need a little boost of sugar and energy! They are tasty and easy to carry along with you while you run. These don’t upset my stomach and give me the little pick me up of energy when I need it.

I have had the best Summer but am ready for some cooler Fall weather to run in! Do you all have any favorite running gear from this Summer? I hope you are all enjoying the short week!

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