Must have tote…

You may remember this adorable bag from my wish list last week… Well it arrived at my doorstep and I couldn’t be more excited about all the possible ways I plan to use it.




It also comes in navy and mint green and I am pretty sure I am going to need all 3 colors.

navy greek key          mint green greek key tote

To start off with I am in love with this hot pink pattern and I can’t lie, I am super excited about the monogram. It is made out of a very durable plastic material that feels virtually indestructible. Here is how I plan to use this awesome tote:

1. Beach bag – This bright cheerful bag will make the perfect pool or beach bag and because of the heavy plastic material I won’t have to worry about sand or wet towels or sunscreen spills.

2. Gym bag – I love how much you can fit in this bag. It will make the perfect bag to take to the gym and fit all the “essentials” I need with plenty of room to spare. I am a serious over packer and this even includes my gym bag. What can I say? I never want to be unprepared.

3. Travel and carry on bag – For long car trips and airplane trips it will be perfect to throw magazines, cell charger, iPad and cozy sweater.

4. Grocery bag – Everyone is going green these days and bringing their own bags when they go to the store. This bag would be perfect to keep in the car and bring it in whenever you run in the store to fit all your purchases.

Because this bag can be wiped down so easily it would also be perfect if you are going to a pot luck or holiday party and have a dish you are transporting in your car. Any spills could easily be cleaned up and will stay off your car seats and floors. You will also have something with a handle to easily carry your dish.

I can’t wait to start using my favorite new bag and hope you all rush over to Swoozie’s and get your own. You can’t beat the price for such an adorable, versatile and well made bag. XOXO -Brittany

Here it is all packed up for this weekend in Memphis with my laptop, planner, study book, pjs, shoes, makeup bag and accessories bag. I have one bag with all my clothes in it and this one has everything else in it.






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