J’s Christmas Wish List

I hope you all are having a great week!  As Christmas is rapidly approaching, I thought I would share with you all my Christmas wish list (aka the note I crafted to Santa this year)!   Here it is!

1. Kate Spade Seaport Grand Watch


I have been eyeing this watch since my bday!  I just love the light pink color and the little touches of bling on the watch face.  Even though pink is a slightly impractical color, I actually have a ton of pieces it should look great with! (I tend to gravitate towards other various impractical clothing/shoe/handbag purchases!)

2. JCrew Chateau Parka


My husband has been dragged into JCrew about 100 times this fall as I try on and obsess over what I have been describing to him as “the silver fox.”  I hope Santa is able to get ahold of a “silver fox” for me as I am watching all the sizes and colors slowly dwindle away at good ‘ol JC…

3. Kate Spade Lanise Bootie


Yes, I am still obsessing over this silly shoe.  I cannot believe I have resisted the temptation to just order it on my own.  I am waiting for someone to get it for me so I don’t feel guilty about purchasing a black boot with a big bow on the back.

On a side note, as I was searching the web for where to get ahold of this bootie, I stumbled upon this amazing shoe!  Nicely done, Kate Spade…

4. Ugg Mini Bailey Bow


More shoes… I am obsessed with my regular Ugg Mini’s but have worn them out throughout the last 5 years of owning them. I am looking for an upgrade and am loving the bow on the back of these!  (I think I may have a “omg-there’s-a-bow-on-the-back-of-this-shoe problem”)

5. Christmas Jammies and Robe


I am loving these JCrew jammies!  They are so incredibly soft and have such a fun heart print!

6. Anthro Inside Out Bowls


Loving these little bowls!  They are perfect to mix and match and have such a cute vintage look!

7. Earrings from Anthro


I think I lol’d when I initially saw these adorable little earrings—-They look exactly like George and Leon’s Uncle Ruggy!


8. Glitter Bug Kate Spade Cases


I am loving these various cases/wallets from Kate Spade!  I kind of want all 3!

iPad Air Case, Small Stacy, Card Holder

9. Lulu Lemon Running Gear


Running Jacket


Lulu Lemon Speed Tights

It has been getting a bit cool here in the morning and I am always looking for gear that I can run in (or just run aka drive to Target/Trader Joe’s in!)!

10. JCrew Starlight Pendant and JCrew Moon Pendant


These are so fun alone or also layered together!  Love the Star and Crescent Pendants from JCrew!

I hope this gives you some ideas for yourself, friends, family, etc.  Putting this list together was so much fun and gave me some great ideas for my gift-giving this season!  I hope you all have a great day! 🙂


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