Product Faves

Happy Hump Day!!! Several weeks ago, I went to pick up some new mascara and walked away with an entire basket full of goodies!  Ooooops!  Here are my favorites from that little shopping trip!

Sephora haul copy

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1. Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara

I first tried this mascara in a small sample size from Sephora and instantly was hooked!  It is a great, long-lasting mascara!  My only issue that I have run into with this mascara is that it will smudge or smear over time into the under-eye area when worn throughout the day.  Just as long as I am aware of this and make sure to “freshen up” halfway into my day with this product I have no other complaints!

The one mascara that does not do this (for me anyway) is the Blinc Mascara.  It stays on throughout the entire day and does not smudge into the under eye.

2. Benefit “Big Easy” Liquid to Powder SPF 35 Foundation

As impulsive as this purchase initially was, it has turned out to be one of my new favorite products.  In the intense Florida sun (and everywhere else according to my dermatologist husband!), it is really important to have your skin protected from the harmful rays throughout the day.  This foundation is also really simple to apply with your fingertips.  You do have to move fairly quickly while you are applying the product as it seems to dry fast.  It leaves behind a beautiful matte finish and provides just an elegant and subtle hint of coverage and brightening.  If you are expecting this to be a full-coverage foundation, it is not.  It is more like a bb cream with SPF.  Also a plus, is that it did not cause any reaction with my sensitive skin!

3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

I have been holding off on purchasing this palette for so long and eventually caved in when I was at Sephora.  It has 3 of the Ambient Lighting blushes included in it and I was able to justify the purchase by rationalizing how valuable it was to have 3 for a tiny bit more than the price of 1.  I really do love these blushes!  They are light and subtle and have just a hint of shimmer to them!  They do not make you look like a glittery doll like some of these types of blushes can tend to do.  My favorite in this palette is the 3rd color (mood exposure).  I was surprised I liked this one the best (because it looks really plum colored) but it does not look at all like its shade in the container when I apply it to my skin.

4. Caudalie Beauty Elixer

I was finally able to try this beauty elixir!  I am so far loving it!  It is definitely not a “must have” for my makeup/skincare routine but it has been a fun and frivolous addition!  I have been using it as a toner and also as a nice ‘refresh and wake-up spray’!  I don’t love the smell like I do with most Caudalie products, but it is so subtle that it does not prevent me from using the product.  Would I purchase this again?  Maybe, if I were feeling impulsive that day!  🙂

Do you have any recent product faves??  Feel free to leave your favorites in the comment section 🙂

I hope you all are having a great week!!!



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