2014 Favorites

Here is a list of my favorite things in 2014. Let me know what your favorites were and if I have been missing out on anything.

1. Cetaphil cleansing wipes – Thank you Jamie!!!! If it weren’t for your post I would not have known these existed which is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. We get to share the details that we used to when we got to see each other every day.

2. Apple MacBook Air – Best birthday surprise from my sweet hubby. I use this every single day and I am a complete mac convert. I am in love.

3. Michael Kors Jet Set – Another gift from the hubby. I have used this bag literally every single day since I got it last Christmas. It still looks brand new and fits the excessive amounts of things I think I need every day.

4. TGIT- Grey’s, Scandal, and now How to Get Away with Murder…… I freaking love Thursdays! I look forward to them and I have become obsessed with How to Get Away with Murder.

5. Yes to Grapefruit Scrub – This face scrub has made my skin look better than ever. It is gentle enough to use daily on my sensitive skin and I love the refreshing smell.

6. Kate Spade Planner– This planner is my right hand (well left hand, since I am left handed). I love how it looks and I am all about writing everything down. I try every day to be more organized and this gorgeous planner helps inspire me.

7. Voluspa french cade lavender candle– This subtle fragrance is my absolute favorite. My hubby loves it too which makes it a winner. I love to have candles in the house and this one is my absolute favorite!

8. Fitness blender you tube channel– These workout videos are FREE and challenging and have made my quest for health and fitness so much easier. Since I discovered them I have canceled my gym membership and have been able to do all my workouts at home.

9. Serial Podcast – If you haven’t listened to this, stop what you are doing and start the 12 part series. If you haven’t heard of this then you live under a rock and get out from there immediately.

10. David Yurman classic cable bracelet with peridot and diamonds – Another great gift from my hubby. What can I say, he spoils me. This was such a wonderful Christmas surprise and I have worn it almost every day since Christmas. This matches my David Yurman ring my hubby got me for our first anniversary and every time  I look at either of them I think of him and can not help but smile.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 2014 and I can not wait to see what my favorite things of 2015 will be. XOXO -B


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